Defining Morality

Something for everyone to read and think about…..and hopefully, just hopefully, some will remember what good morals are, and help spread the message of having good morals…..

On My Heart

Every person decides how they will define morality. That’s a privilege and a problem for every person on the planet. It’s a privilege if you see yourself as your on moral authority and you can define right and wrong however you see fit. It’s a problem if every OTHER human being on the planet has the same absolute freedom. Inevitably, that other person’s morality will conflict with yours, and the same argument you have used to justify your moral boundaries will be used by the person who is now offending you.

For centuries, God has provided the basic foundation for moral choices.  He revealed the Ten Commandments as the building blocks for healthy society.  The rub is simple: if you are your own moral authority (god), then you create those; if HE is the moral authority (God), then HE defines those.  In fact, if you are creating your own moral framework…

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, here are some things to think about….

Hi everybody!  It’s October, which is breast cancer awareness month, so I’m sure you’re seeing lots of things about mammograms and screenings and such right now.  You should really do your research before getting a mammogram.  I highly recommend that you do NOT let what a doctor says influence you, nor your family or friends.  Do YOUR OWN research!

My mom had a double mastectomy in her 40’s, so I am supposed to be checked regularly via mammogram. Uh uh, no way, not happenin’ ever again. I had two when I was in my 30’s and they were very uncomfortable, and one was downright painful.

I learned about, and researched, thermography and found that it is a much better alternative for me, and could be for you! If done regularly (annual) it can find issues yearrrrrs earlier than a mammogram can. WITHOUT the radiation! I had a full body thermogram last year and a baseline and follow up 3 months later for the “girls”, now it’s just an annual thing unless there is a problem. It’s like a fingerprint. Unless there is something wrong, it doesn’t have significant changes. Thermography can not only find cancer but it can find other things too, like clogged lymph nodes, heart issues….lots of things. They even found my plantar faciitis that I didn’t tell them I had! I highly recommend you check into it.

What happens in an exam?  Well, first off, it’s downright chilly, but they want your body temperature to come down.  It’s basically like an infrared camera, it reads hot spots.  It is 100% non-evasive.  A little embarrassing for us that don’t want to be clothing free in front of people, but they make it as comfortable as possible and you are only sans clothing in the area they are checking as they are checking it, then you re-cloth and go to the next area to check.  Then they send all the pictures to a certified specialist to check for abnormalities.  Once they do that, they will send you a verrrry comprehensive report, and can/will send one to your doctor if you wish.

Not all doctors are on board with this type of screening, but many are skeptical only due to not knowing anything about it and need to research it themselves.  Some won’t believe a word you tell them unless it’s literally in some kind of Medical Journal.  Regardless, do your own research, make your own decision and do what you feel is right for you, whether you decide to go ahead with a mammogram or choose thermography, make it YOUR choice, not a choice your a coerced into making.

Please take the time to click on the link below and read the article, it just might change or mind…..or not.  Regardless, please make an informed decision when it comes time for your next screening.
Switzerland Completely Abolished Mammography Screenings: Here’s Why You Should Probably Never Get One – Collective Evolution

Until next time, have a happy healthy day! 🙂

Praying for our Nation

Something we all need to do!

On My Heart

We pray for ourselves, our families, our circumstances, our jobs, our stresses. Do we pray for our nation?  We blog about it, post about it, rant and complain, but do we PRAY for our nation?  Passionately?  Consistently?  Desperately?

We are an imperfect society led by imperfect leaders who are elected by imperfect constituents.  That’s democracy.  Every night that my wife and I stop to pray, we pray for our kids.  It’s as natural and as consistent as it can be.  We love our kids and we’re always thinking about what they are doing, what they are facing, how they are coping, working, loving, studying, and growing.  It’s in the forefront of our minds and hearts.

I confess that I don’t pray for our nation like that.  As a voter, the government I have is the elected leadership that I have helped to make possible by my participation in our…

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What is Gem Water?

A great article about crystals and using them for your health!🙂

Crystals Heal

By placing crystals in drinking water the crystal energy is able to restructure the water, and will charge it with negative ions.  (Read more about negative ions and why you want them here).  The water is also charged with the vibration and energy properties of the crystals, and affects the energy body in much the same way as working with the stones themselves.  They’re a great way to incorporate crystal energy into your life, and can be taken anywhere you can take a bottle of water!

1.  Choose your purpose.  Need an energy boost or a stress reliever?  (You can skip this step and move to the next one if you like, never underestimate the benefits of simply choosing stones intuitively!)
2.  Choose your stones.  I recommend no more than three different kinds, not including  quartz which can be added for amplification if you so choose.
3.  Choose your…

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Harvest Moon, New Look :)

Hi Everybody!

Happy Harvest Moon!  To celebrate, I thought instead of doing what I shoulllld be doing today (studying) I’d update my blog!  I know, I know, 30 lashes for me!   I study 5-7 hours a day, so a break is nice, though that does mean I have to crack down tomorrow to catch up, but that’s ok.  Blame it on Mercury Retrograde….. 🙂

Also, to celebrate the full moon  , I’m making a gem elixir.  I’ve never done it before, but it is part of my CCH (Certified Crystal Healer) certification classes, so I’m trying it out!  Don’t know what that is?  Well, here are a couple of recipes from my CCH’s website:

Try it out, you may be surprised!  I can’t wait!  My gem elixir is currently sitting out for a few hours under the full moon soaking up extra energy. 🙂

And if you want to read more about tonight’s Harvest Moon, check it out here:

Okay, back to work!

Unnnntil next time, have a Happy Healthy Day!!!😀

PS:  If you haven’t checked out my “A Little About Me” page in a while, it’s been updated! 🙂


Why is our World so Full of Evil?

Something for everyone to think about…..

On My Heart

One of the oldest struggles for Christians . . . has been a concept called “theodicy.” It’s the tension of believing that God is all-powerful and loving, and yet seeing a world where horrible evil is allowed to occur. How does the God who loves us allow policemen to be ambushed? How does a loving God allow ISIS extremists to decapitate Christians who refuse to recant their belief in Christ?

When Stalin, Mussolini, and Hitler were in power, the whole of Europe & Asia had every reason to ask these questions, and they did.  When we learned the details of the concentration camps of Germany, when we learned about the POWs’ experiences in Vietnam, when we learned about the atrocities during the gulf war, it shook people.   “How could a good and loving and powerful God allow these things to happen?” they asked.  We still ask the same question.

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Vision to See–REALLY See

Savor every moment, give thanks and never take anything for granted…..your life can change in an instant…..

On My Heart

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a really interesting movie that focuses on the acquisition of Life magazine and a person who has frequently zones out in daydreams about adventure and heroism.  The movie returns frequently to the motto of Life magazine, boldly depicted on the walls of the atrium of the company:

To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life.

Life used pictures to capture world events and to express them in such a way that they demanded your attention.  Last week on the beach, I had one of those Life moments.

Early one morning as I was sitting on the beach, I saw a tall, stocky man walking in the soft sand toward the shore.  His walking was labored because he was carrying something.  Draped limply across…

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