Ready, Fire, Aim?

Take the time to read this blog I’m re-blogging, and then think about it a while, and then maybe implement it too. 😉

On My Heart

Three years ago I sought helpful counsel about a frustration with myself.  I needed someone who was not invested to give me an honest assessment and help me to figure out ways to cope.  Anger was ruling my heart.  As I have watched the news over the last several days, I see that our culture has reached that same precipice.  We spew our anger without any sort of filter.  It’s like shooting a gun by saying, “Ready, FIRE, Aim.”  Day after day I’m seeing posts, news reporting, and talking heads and we are volcanic with our words.

“How do I change this?” I asked.  I had told a counselor about my emotions, the choices I had made, and the words I found coming out of my mouth.  He gave me an image that has been in my office ever since.

stp_logo“Do you remember the old STP oil treatment commercials?  The…

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