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I feel a customer service rant coming on…..

Hey everybody!  I realllllly hope your day has been better than ours!  We have just moved to our next adventure destination (honey bunny’s job has us traveling) for the rest of the year, soooo we had to call the satellite company to set us up on the ground, because the “fixed” one on top of the motorhome won’t pick up and since we can’t move it around, we can’t find an open space for it.  ANYWAY, I called the company two days ago, they set us up for an appointment between 12-4.  The technician called us a bit after 11, said he was ahead of schedule, could he go ahead and come out.  That sounded like good news……at the time.  He showed up about 12:30, looked around a few minutes, said “sorry” I can’t help you, I’ll call another tech.  Well, hello, there are two dishes within a few feet of us, with the SAME company we use, and you can’t set one up?  Really?  Come on now, don’t give me that.  I don’t think he even wanted to try.  He said the other tech would be here in about an hour.  Several hours passed, I went to the “online chat” area, told a rep the issue, they said someone would be contacting us.  Three more hours go by, stillllll nothing.  I went to “online chat” again.  They said someone was on the way and would be calling within 30 minutes.  That was almost 2 1/2 hours ago, still no one here, still no phone call.  I called the company AGAIN.  Finally got someone that is at least on the east coast, and now we’re set up for 3 days from now!  We’ll see if anyone actually shows up.  I’m so frustrated!  We have been with this company for 20 years and have NEVER had an issue like this before.  Their customer service is usually top notch, but apparently people here don’t care about work ethics, helping people, or the concept of time.  There are only a few things on my pet peeve list……one is being lied to.  Do NOT lie to me!  I might get my feelings hurt, but I’ll get over that.  You lie?  I won’t trust you anymore…EVER.  Which would you prefer?  The other issue is respect/common courtesy…..if you say you’re going to do something, do it.  If you can’t, then let the person know!  If you’re going to be late, then call, text, email.  SOMETHING!  Don’t just let it go!  That’s rude, inconsiderate, disrespectful and just downright wrong!!!!  People have more important things to do than sit around and wait all day for you to decide to NOT show up!  UGH……..  I have been soooo very patient today, and tried soooo hard to be nice and understanding, but after alllll these hours of nothing I’m worn out and unhappy……

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day…..

Until next time, I hope YOU have a great day!  🙂


Rant for today…..whatever happened to customer service???

Happy Tuesday everybody!

Please accept my apologies in advance if this offends anyone, but I just can’t help myself, I need to say something…..and just so you know, I am generally a pretty easy going kind of person.  I like to help people, talk to people, and I always try to smile, even when I really don’t want to.  You never know when your smile might be the only smile someone gets and it might make a big difference in their life, for that moment or that whole day or who knows, maybe even longer! 🙂

So, whatever happened to customer service?  Whatever happened to not only doing your job, but doing it to the best of your ability?  If you don’t like your job, why on earth take it out on other people?  Why don’t people try and find something else, and if they can’t, couldn’t they at least make the best of it and not try to make everyone they see miserable too?  Really.

So, the reason for my rant is because while we were out and about yesterday, we went to a restaurant.  The hostess could’ve cared less that there were people waiting.  She’d just disappear and not return for a few minutes.  No smile, no sorry for the wait, no here give me a minute and let me find someone to get these tables cleaned off so we can get you seated, or better yet, why couldn’t she have done it?  Then there is the wait staff.  If you are a waiter/waitress, and your income is generally based on tips, wouldn’t you be doing everything you could to get a good tip?  Bad service = bad or no tip.  Out waitperson had three tables.  THREE!  That’s it.  Why didn’t HE clean off the tables?  Wouldn’t YOU want your tables cleaned so you could be making money?  I know I would.  While sitting and waiting for our order I saw the manager buzzing around like a bee while all his little workers were just meandering around with no direction, which didn’t make a lot of sense to me.  Like I said.  Our person only had three tables and one of those was empty.  He was just standing around when I saw our order in the kitchen.  It sat there for several minutes before I saw the manager look at it, look at the tickets and brought it out personally.  Then when HE noticed mine wasn’t cooked properly, he took the initiative to go to the kitchen and re-make my order himself.  Now THAT is customer service.  I didn’t ask, I didn’t complain, nothing at all was said, and he did that all on his own and gave us a discount too, after our server had brought us our bill.  I just don’t understand the rest of the crew.  To me when you work in an industry that requires customer service, you do your best to make everything perfect if at all possible so that you get repeat business and referrals….right?  I was also raised on the golden rule.  I’m still trying to figure out why no one believes in it anymore, I think it should be a way of life.  I was also raised that God wants us to help others….be thoughtful, helpful and “love on another”, so I do my very best to follow His word even though sometimes it is very VERY hard to do!  I still do my best!   I’m very saddened because so many people just don’t give a rats patootie anymore about others, or anything else for that matter.  It’s a me me me way of life these days and I hate it.  I always try to be courteous, polite, helpful, respectful, encouraging……even if I’m complaining about something, I still try to be nice about it.  If I see someone needs help with something I will go help even if it’s “not my job”.  I hold open doors for others, I say please and thank you, I say yes ma’am/sir no ma’am/sir…..my hubby, if he’s wearing a hat, it comes off when he goes inside a business or church (to us it’s disrespectful not to).  It seems no one has manners or morals anymore…..or at least very few.  So very sad. 😦  Now, on the flip side of the coin, we were at a fast food place the other day and WOW, the service there was so awesome it shocked me!  Everyone there was polite, helpful, everything you could hope for at ANY other customer service oriented business, and it was fast food!  I was so surprised!  I have been in many states over the last 8 years and regardless of which part of the United States it is, you have pretty much the same issues with this, so I’m not picking on any particular state or bragging on any particular state either.  But it has amazed and saddened me to see how people don’t seem to care about others anymore, and I hope that somehow, some way, together, we can change that. Will you help?

Okay, thank you for letting me get that out of my system!

Until next time!  Have a happy healthy day everyone! :o)